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Premium S/MIME Email Certificate

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Digital Certificate for authentication, signing, and encryption of email communications

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Authentication levelOrganization Validation
Estimated issuance time2-5 business days
Client authenticationYes
Document SigningYes
Email EncryptionYes
Email SigningYes

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Premium S/MIME

A DigiCert Premium Certificate provides secure email services and client authentication. Enable your clients to encrypt and digitally sign email communications.

Client (S/MIME) certificates are used to require multi-factor authentication. Unlike weak passwords, client certificates prove the identity of the user attempting to connect to a specific application, website, interface, or other system by using a digital signature. Once a server is configured for client certificate authentication, it will only grant user access to it if the client presents the correct client certificate. When using a web browser to connect to the server, without the correct client certificate, the client cannot even access the credentials page. Email client certificates have a public/private key pair. Your private key stays with you and is used to sign outgoing emails and decrypt incoming emails encrypted with your public key. Your public key is used to verify your signature and encrypt emails sent to you.

Note: This certificate does not include private key escrow and recovery.

Key Features and Benefits of Premium S/MIME:

  • Client authentication.
  • Document signing (with programs that support digital signatures. For programs that use the Adobe Approved Trust List, please utilize a Document Signing product).
  • Prevent tampering. Add an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication. Even if valid user credentials get into the wrong hands, your organization will be safe because access will still be denied
  • Sign & encrypt email. Allow senders and recipients of e-mail to verify that the content they’re sharing is legitimate. Encrypt communications using S/MIME, the most trusted e-mail encryption technology.