Extended Validation

Extended Validation represents the best SSL Certificate and is the recommended SSL Certificate type. As the highest level of authentication using validation criteria defined by the CA/browser forum and audited annually by KPMG, EV triggers Web browsers to turn green in the address bar, and displays the organization’s name plus the name of the issuing CA. It also validates domain ownership and organizational information, along with the legal existence of the organization, and certifies its awareness and approval of the request. The result of opting for a higher value EV certificate is more security
and more online trust, which leads to more transactions conducted online.

  • Ensures validation of domain control.
  • Displays padlock image in the Web browser.
  • Authenticates the organization as legitimate and in good standing.
  • Receives proof of the applicant’s right to request certificate.
  • Validates the applicant is in good standing with organization he/she is requesting the certificate for.
  • Shows organization details in the certificate information.
  • Displays organization name and Certificate Authority in the Web browser.
  • Displays green address bar in the Web browser.

Who needs Extended Validation?

For businesses with a high profile brand, using EV SSL Certificates has proven to be an effective defense against phishing scams. For any online business, using SSL with EV may have a big impact on the bottom line. Online shoppers are more likely to enter their credit card and/or other confidential financial information into a website with the SSL EV green bar. Websites who benefit the most from EV include:

  • E-commerce Websites that collect credit card information.
  • Websites that operate in a competitive environment where customer loyalty and brand protection is key.
  • Websites collecting personal data.
  • Websites with customer or employee login forms.
  • Websites using 3rd party payment processing (i.e.PayPal).