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GeoTrust Standard DV (Basic SSL)

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Data sheet

Authentication levelDomain Validation
Estimated issuance timeMinutes
Recommended useSecure intranets and internal servers
Domains securedSingle
Site SealDynamic GeoTrust Secured Seal for Free
Encryption LevelUp to 256-bit
Browser Compatibility99% Web Browsers
Servers per certificateUnlimited
Support for SAN/UCYes
Vulnerability assessmentNo
Malware scanningNo

More info

If you are looking for a quick, affordable and easy way to secure your website, then GeoTrust Standard DV is just what you need. GeoTrust Standard DV offers standard data protection, but without the time consuming research required for other certificates. Compatible with more than 99% of all browsers. GeoTrust Standard DV is a smart choice for small-to-medium size online businesses that want a reliable brand SSL certificate at a budget-friendly price.

Key benefits

  • Quickest issuance and basic validation. Standard DV is a domain validation certificate, which means that GeoTrust only verifies that you own the domain you wish to secure. If your domain is properly registered and if the Domain Approver has control over the Domain, you can get your certificate within a few minutes.  
  • Security & Encryption. Standard DV offers excellent 256-bit encryption signed with a 2048-bit root, the same level of encryption that the other more premium SSL certificates offer, but does not offer additional visual trust indicators.
  • Low price. Since these certificates are domain level validation, they don't require research to confirm details of the business, therefore they are less expensive than OV and EV certificates. 
  • Unlimited server licenses. You can use your Standard DV certificate on an unlimited number of servers and get free reissues.
  • Bonus: Secure www and non-www domain with one certificate (e.g. and