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Symantec Pro SSL with EV (Premium SSL)

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Extended validation with extra strong encryption, vulnerability assessment and malware scan 

Maksimalno vreme važenja SSL sertifikata 1 godina

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Data sheet

Authentication levelExtended Validation
Estimated issuance time2-5 business days
Recommended useFor e-commerce and websites handling sensitive information and need strongest possible encryption
Domains securedSingle
Site SealDynamic Norton Secured Seal for Free
Encryption LevelUp to 256-bit, Automatic step-up to 128 minimum (SGC)
Browser Compatibility99% Web Browsers
Servers per certificateOne
Support for SAN/UCYes
Vulnerability assessmentYes
Malware scanningYes

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Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV SSL

If you need maximum security, trust and assurance for your online customers, then Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV is the right solution for you. Symantec Pro EV SSL triggers the display of the green address bar in the latest high-security browsers, and enables every site visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available.

It also offers vulnerability assessment and malware scanning to help defend your site against attacks.

Symantec Pro EV SSL certificates include free Norton Secured Seal and Seal-in-Search which automatically displays the Norton Secured Seal next to a company’s name in search results. Seal-in-Search proved to be a great tool to drive more traffic to your site, because it offers visual differentiation from other links and shows that your website is trusted.

Since this is an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, the Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV does require that a company complete a thorough vetting process before issuance. This process can usually be completed in around 5 business days, depending largely on customer response times.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Extended Validation Authentication, Green Address Bar
  • Free Norton Secured Seal — the most recognized trust mark in the industry
  • Supports 3 encryption algorithms, RSA, DSA, and ECC within the same SSL certificate.
  • Capable of up to 256-bit encryption with minimum 128-bit step-up
  • Full Domain and Business Authentication
  • Norton Trust  Seal with Norton™ Seal-in-Search™ maximizes click-through and conversions
  • Free Vulnerability Assessment & Actionable Report
  • Norton Daily Malware Scanning
  • Secure up to 25 Domains by adding SAN

Symantec EV Certificates

Tools and resources

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Symantec SSL Toolbox (Use these tools to check CSR generation and certificate installation and resolve problems quickly)

Guidance of SSL Certificate Installation