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Document Signing - Organization (2000)

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Certificates which allow you to digitally sign your documents

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Document Signing - Organization (2000)

Document signing certificates allow you to add a digital signature to a document to prove the identity of the sender. This signature ensures you that the document hasn’t been altered, and that you can trust its contents. Unlike an e-signature, a digital signature is virtually impossible to forge.

With this certificate, you are able to digitally sign Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice documents, assuring recipients that the document is from you and has not been altered.

Key Features and Benefits of Document Signing:

  • Your organization appears as the signature.
  • Allows your organization to digitally sign up to 2,000 documents per year.
  • Includes an encrypted hardware token containing your certificate, creating 2-factor authentication.
  • Complies with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act, making your documents legally binding.
  • You control the appearance of your digital signature with the ability to change its size, placement, font, and even add graphics.
  • Sign All Document Types. You’ll be able to sign documents in top programs, including Microsoft Office®, Adobe® Acrobat and Adobe Reader, LibreOffice®, and OpenOffice®.
  • Avoid Expiration. Your digital signature never expires. If the document is changed at any point, the recipient will be notified. Your digital signatures can also be timestamped to increase security.
  • Does not require plug-ins or additional software.

How DigiCert Document Signing Works?

How DigiCert Document Signing Works?

How does the document signed by this certficate look like?

Document Signing Certificate